3 More Things I Love About My Work

Architect Birmingham ALIt’s February … the time of year when a person’s thoughts turn toward those who mean the most to them … people to whom they have given of themselves in great measure.

Outside of my family, the focus of my thoughts is the people I work and collaborate with each weekday (and on the weekends when the work requires!).

As my wife – my bride of 25 years! – is contentedly reading in the den, and as our dog (14 years!) is curled up near my feet, I thought I would take a moment to pen a few more thoughts about “things I love about work”.

1. My work challenges me!  Each day I have the opportunity to grow in insight, or understanding, or wisdom.  Sometimes the insight is regarding a client’s processes in its organization.  Sometimes the wisdom is how best to respond … like when I’m told what I don’t want to hear, but need to hear.  Some days the insight is simply in working with people, understanding them, motivating them, and setting a stage for THEIR growth!

2. The variety of architecture-related tasks, concerns, and issues invigorates me!  Architecture is an extensive field of practice.  It encompasses different building types, different client types, and different processes throughout the design and construction phases.  As principal of a firm, there are portions of the process that I touch only sparingly; there are others I am engrossed in almost every day.  Each one of them offers an opportunity for growth and improvement … and in turn, I can encourage others to grow!

3. I am enthused about architecture-affiliated topics!  As if it wasn’t enough to guide the process of architectural design (and all that goes with it), there seem to be innumerable matters to attend to: effective communication (whether oral, written, or drawn) … government affairs and public service … real estate development … etc.  Obviously, each of these is the life work and chief interest of hundreds of people.  My recognition of each topic’s significance, usefulness and application in the business and craft of architecture is continually expanding!

Take these thoughts (and my thoughts from last year) and consider the multiplication that occurs when pursuing these goals with others (like the awesome staff at Herrington Architects and at the non-profits I assist).  The outcome is that I am able to help others in ways so much greater than I ever could individually!

So there it is … the giving of oneself for the betterment of others.   The giving of one’s time, talent, and treasures alongside others to multiply the benefits to others!  Those are the things I value about the work in which I involve myself.  I love it!

Yes, I did take much time this weekend to be with my wife.  And yes, I DO love my wife!!

(For those who are interested: this column from last February you can click here.)
With great gratitude that others helped me first,                               

Bruce Herrington