Grateful for Much!

Herrington Architects Birmingham AlabamaRather than focus on an aspect of design or construction this month, I’d like to offer a comment or two on a topic that is meaningful to me … gratitude!

Gratitude is very much a part of “who I am”, and expressions of gratitude are a strong part of “what I do”, yet I know that I don’t say “thank you” enough.  So please bear with me while I say a few words now.

I’m grateful for my wife and children, and my family at large … you are an awesome treasure to me.

I’m grateful for and to those who are a part of Herrington Architects.  I greatly appreciate your investment of time, energy, and creativity to our collective goals and ambitions!  And I’m truly thankful for the “compassion in action” I have seen you express to each other during difficult times.

I’m grateful to our clients and the friends of our firm.  The responsibilities you have entrusted us with are great, and the “problems” you task us to solve are thoroughly complex yet equally rewarding.  We are continually working to “raise the bar” for our selves, and we hope we are raising the bar for you also.  (Complacency is not in our vocabulary…!)

As the calendar pulls us into and through the Christmas season, I wish each of you a blessed, happy, and joyful Christmastime!

Merry Christmas!
Bruce Herrington