Herrington Architects offers a dimension of experience clients draw on literally from the first sketch. Started in 1994, with offices in a renovated, century-old warehouse overlooking the city, our grounded approach begins with functional and spatial identification and evaluation, and continues with site analysis and site planning.  As a building’s design takes shape, clients can explore their building’s development through architectural models and CAD drawings created by cutting-edge software.

Through our consultants, we bring a depth of mechanical, electrical and structural engineering expertise to each design, whether creating a new structure or renovating an historic building. However, clients call us not just for the services we offer, but because we’re interested in what they bring to a project: their vision, their ideas, and their enthusiasm. Clients know they will see more than one option, and they will always see interest and respect for their viewpoint from every member of our firm.

Our designs are shaping skylines, revitalizing neighborhoods, creating centers for worship, and enhancing universities and colleges throughout the Southeast. But the one thing we will never stop building is our reputation.

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