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Before renovation

Shelton State Community College Re-roofing

LOCATION: Tuscaloosa, AL
CLIENT CONTACT: Dr. Mark Heinrich; Ms. Camille Cochrane
CONSTRUCTION FIRM: All-South Subcontractors, Inc.
COST: 460,000
Line Scale Form

Re-roofing of the 105,000sf roof of the Martin Campus Phase 2 Building included removal of the existing single-ply roof and stone ballast, and installation of a new single-ply “white” roof membrane.  The design also included an additional layer of insulation, which will provide greater energy efficiency for the life of the installation.  Line Scale Form also guided the College through an extensive Roofing Contractor prequalification process, ensuring that all bidders were appropriately experienced and knowledgeable for a roof installation of this size on an occupied building.  Upon completion of the project, the State of Alabama’s inspector stated this was one of the best installations he had recently seen.