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The Technology Innovation Center at UAB

LOCATION: The University of Alabama at Birmingham; Birmingham, AL
DATE OF COMPLETION: estimated early 2021
Herrington Architects

The 3-story facility houses the equipment and the people needed to serve UAB’s data processing requirements. Approximately 40% of the building is the data center and its specific support spaces. Another 40% of the building provides open office areas for +/-100 workstations, meeting rooms, and outdoor balconies. Lastly, 20% of the building provides general support spaces for both functions.


The 40,000sf building was designed with a ‘hardened’ structure. The structural steel frame utilizes composite floor structures. The roof utilizes steel beams with steel open-web joists.


A broad variety of site utilities are provided to serve the building. Water services include domestic water, fire protection water, and irrigation water (with RPZ). Electric power and natural gas are included, as well as UAB’s campus chilled water service. Cat 5e cabling is provided for a variety of uses, and a plethora of conduit is provided for fiber optic communication service. Storm and sanitary piping perform their typical services.


The building’s appearance coordinates with UAB’s campus standards. The building envelope includes brick, cast stone, and aluminum composite panels on metal stud or cmu backup. Curtainwall and storefront frame the building’s glazing. A PVC membrane roof minimizes heat island effect from roof surfaces.


Landscaping and hardscaping are also coordinated with the UAB campus standards. Trees, shrubs, and sod adorn the building’s street-facing sides. A patio for use by building occupants enhances the Technology Innovation Center’s streetscape.